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Little League Resource Guide

Based on the former Year in the Life of Hometown Little League publication, this year’s guide, powered by Little League University, provides resources and direction to leagues based on the seasonality of the Little League program and will be shipped to League Presidents who have chartered and/or updated their league officers.  CLICK HERE

2024 Little League season signups

First thing you need to do is find the local league that services your residence, or local school you attend. The Little League® League Finder tool quickly and easily identifies whether a residence or school address is located within the boundaries of an active Little League program. CLICK HERE to find your local league.

Battle Ground Little League
Glenwood Little League
Hazel Dell Little League
Highlands Little League
Kalama Little LeagueFacebook
La Center Little League
Lewis River Little League
Ridgefield Little League
North Clark Little League
Salmon Creek Little League


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